Monday, January 15, 2018

Triggered into statism

I hope there's never an issue that is able to trigger me to the point that I start believing it's OK to archate-- freelance or through government. If it were to happen, I believe it would be a strike against me, not a real justification for initiating force or violating property.

I see so many people who develop a big "but" after years of seemingly advocating liberty-- until one thing comes up. For some it is some sort of sex; for some it's "borders"; others find a different trigger.

I try to understand. I really do. But I can't help but wonder why it was so easy for them to abandon liberty. And I want to make sure I am never in that same boat.

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  1. Billions organize to violate through statism and refuse to correct. They are intermingled with those who do not organize to violate and instead choose to support it through passive means and/or otherwise demonstrate they accept the devaluing of life as a normal standard.

    Why not kill them all?

  2. troll.
    "get out."

    1. Too complicated for you, serf?

      What is the ethical road to serfdom?

  3. why not add reason and thoughtful commentary?

    1. Reason doesn't get things done with billions of belligerent humans. Genocide does. Libertopia ain't happening unless you first kill a few billion or more.

      Got WMD's?