Monday, February 19, 2018

Umbridges galore

Dolores Umbridge-
famous fictional pecksniff

There is no difference between those who use their distaste for some forms of consensual sex, drugs, or "immigrants" [sic]-- and their drive to "protect the culture" or morals from those things by way of government or "laws"-- and those who do the same thing with guns. None.

The "cost to society" excuse is a handy tool for both types of anti-liberty bigot to use against rights they don't like.

It's just a game of justifying being a control freak.

And I see it a lot. One type of statist wants to protect society from some liberties, while other statists want to protect society from the other liberties. Until there is no liberty left-- and the moralizing bullies still will never be content. It's never enough for them.

I realize they believe they are protecting fragile order from the chaos of people just "doing whatever they want, with no regard to consequences". They'll admit as much. The problem is "just doing whatever they want, with no regard to consequences" applies identically to the control freaks and anti-liberty bigots. They are what they rail against. Too much order is as deadly as too much chaos.

Liberty is never up to their approval. Thank goodness!

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  1. and there's always "those who use their distaste for some forms of consensual"... reasoned discussion.

    their shrill bleating prevents the open public debate needed for a functioning civilization. almost as if it's deliberate.

    1. On some things-- like those kinderprison inmates in Florida screeching for even worse "gun control"-- there's no possibility of "reasoned discussion". You have reason on one side, and shrieking lunatics begging for expanded slavery on the other. And that's no doubt deliberate, too.

    2. " there's no possibility of "reasoned discussion"."

      In other words: there is no peaceful solution. Thus they need extermination. Nuke Florida, and the other states too.

      ...oh, wait a minute, ...that's immoral to kill the non-voting statists and regulars who would leave you for dead if the situation presented itself. Maybe we should instead suffer out of respect for them.