Thursday, March 15, 2018

Armed and dangerous

I support the right of every human to own and to carry a gun. Period. That doesn't mean I trust every armed person. There are some people who simply can not be trusted with guns, even though they have the right to own and carry them and no one has the right to forbid it. Those are separate issues.

I've known some of those who couldn't be trusted with a gun. They are simply too dangerous or unstable to trust. With or without a gun.

A guy who comes to mind was very reckless, spastic, and impulsive. I went out shooting with him once. Only once. Never again. He had no muzzle awareness and wouldn't keep his finger off the trigger. He left town saying it was his intention to join the military-- they deserved the likes of him.

No one who would wear a government uniform can be trusted with a gun-- and that especially applies to cops. I don't trust them with a gun any more than I would trust an angry diseased monkey with a loaded and cocked gun with a hair trigger and no safety. Anyone who would demean themselves enough to become a government tool obviously has serious issues with authoritarianism and aggression.

This doesn't mean I'll ask government to keep guns out of their hands. It means I will consider them dangerous morons and always try to stay away from them. It means I will warn others to be alert around them. This sort of person deserves to be shunned to death unless they grow up and take responsibility-- which would begin with shedding the uniform and making an honest effort at becoming a good guy.

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  1. Guns are for hunting food and defense of rights.

    Pigs abuse their weapons for coercion and murder. It's fundamentally wrong.

    1. Excellent point. Cops have guns in order to misuse them.

    2. How much simpler can it be stated?

      A gun is a killing tool. What is worth killing over? What is the only rightful use of deadly force? - Life, which means rightful existence, including the need to eat to live.

      I can probably throw out a few thought exercises beyond direct threat, like if they refuse to give your car back or something, but it's not for coercing people, that's for sure.

      Cops coerce. That is violence. It's wrong and it is their primary duty. They are criminals, nothing more.

  2. As a great woman once said, there's no such thing as a good cop. Even the nicest acting, friendliest seeming cop is still standing by while fellow cops do all kinds of awful stuff to people every single day. If they don't do anything to stop evil, then they're on the side of it.