Thursday, March 08, 2018

Pragmatic non-pragmatism

I am not a pragmatist.

I don't think pragmatism can ever justify archation.

However, if I can convince a person that archation isn't pragmatic, and this convinces him to avoid archation, it's a tool I am willing to use.

Isn't that rather pragmatic of me?

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  1. Humans are vile creatures who archate because they are either too selfish to bother with another means of getting what they want/need, or too stupid to understand the difference and correct.

    They are the idiotic masses who set the terms, who insist on forceful means or accept and support it as a default. The only way to effectively change anything is to kill all of them in a short period of time.

    I estimate about 4-6 billion.

  2. Wow, Anonymous up there is sure sounding like the current crop of utterly selfish elite. I sometimes doubt the ability of the average person to truly think in a free manner, but hope springs eternal.

    1. Are you fucking retarded?

      You live on a blue marble in space that has been turned into a prison by popular demand of billions of idiots who insist that violence is the only way.

      So why not give it to them if that's what they demand? And why feel guilty or have inhibitions if it is necessary rightful and out of respect for those billions of idiots?