Friday, June 01, 2018

When you mix your religions

It seems to me there is an unacknowledged religion being widely followed in America. It's actually a combination of a couple of very popular religions.

Just as African slaves in the American south may have combined native African religion with Catholicism to create Louisiana Voodoo, all over America many people are combining Christianity with statism and practicing the hybrid religion which results.

It's not really a pure form of either religion, but a horrifying chimera with features taken from both.

I know many of the adherents personally, and see many more of them online and in the media. They are the ones praying for "the troops", with Holy Pole Quilt on display in their churches, urging respect for the police, and excusing any manner of tyranny with Romans 13.

My first instinct is to call this hybrid religion "Patriotic Voodoo", but maybe it should just be shortened to Poodoo.

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  1. Romans 13 was used by slaveowners to tell their slaves that God had approved their bondage. The modern day version substitutes fractional slavery for 100% slavery, but the message is the same.

  2. Kent,
    I have been having a similar discussion on quora. Trying to explain that just because the government says something is so, that doesn't mean that we have to follow it, since we are Christians, if it goes against the word of God. I never figured out for sure if the guy was a Christian or not. That seems to be typical of many of this type of person.
    Have you ever noticed that non Christians are the best at quoting the Bible to Christians?
    By the way, I am a Christian, who believes what the Bible actually says, who trusts in the things that God has told us, and who counts on the promises that God has made to us. I know that I have not a chance to save myself, and thus am counting on the sacrifice of my Lord, Jesus Christ.
    If more so called Christians could learn just that tiny little bit, I think that we would be much better off. Have a great day, and a wonderful week.