Saturday, July 14, 2018

Delusions of "authority"

You know what strikes me as funny, pathetic, and arrogant... all at the same time?

Governments believing they can (or should!) impose "laws" which apply to people in outer space, on asteroids, and on other planets.

That's some serious delusions of grandeur, right there.

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  1. There are two reasons for this, Kent: One, Everyone who goes into space eventually has to return here to the cool, green hills of Earth; two, these archating coprophages haven't read Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Once people no longer have to return here, the elites may find themselves realising how hard it is to enforce their childish, entitled whims, I mean will against peopole who live weeks, or even months away, and stand higher up the gravity well.

    By the way, not advocating orbital bombardment as a tool for bringing the elites to heel. More simply a matter of recognising the simplest of the many options available to anyone living higher up the well, who gains anything approaching self-sufficiency.


    1. It would really be bad manners to suggest to one's alleged betters that rocks up high are better weapons than nukes in a gravity well. No one here is suggesting broaching that entirely theoretical and hypothetical problem with physics.

      But, perhaps a mild mention that rambunctious lads on an ice hauler with a few drinks in them might not appreciate the importance of getting the decimal point right when setting acceleration vectors ... I mean, mistakes happen, right?

      Jim Henshaw

  2. Right! Sorry 'bout that, guv'nor! The boys TOTALLY didn't mean to send it THERE...Of course, they wouldn't be so stressed if it weren't for all the overeach, and the taxes, and excessive costs. Really sorry though...maybe if rules were being made by people who've actually been here, and understand what it's really like out here, and what the hazards reall are...Not that you're not qualified to rule over us, guv'nor. Mistakes happen when people are being micromanaged by those afflicted with Dunning-Krueger syndrome...Just sayin'!

    Indeed Jim, It would be terribly bad manners to make such a suggestion to the alleged ruling class. I mean, basing anything on logic! and Physics! How beastly and deplorable! We all should be more sensitive to the Ruling Elite's(tm) feelings. After all, they're ENTITLED to rule. It was foretold, and we're ruining THE PLAN!



  3. I love the way you two think. LOL.

    This delusional belief in ruling people who don't even live in "your territory" is what Lincoln did to the people in the Confederacy, it's what the IRS does to people who have left the US tax farm behind, so it's not surprising that these same kinds of monsters believe they can and should pull the same stunt in space. They'll keep believing this until it gets rubbed, painfully and humiliatingly, in their faces.