Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Not worshiping the State hard enough

I posted this to FB:

Hey..."great" job, Idiots. Declare independence from a state then turn right around and set up a new state which turns out to be far worse than the relatively weak state you rejected.
When you finally get rid of a tapeworm you don't rush out to swallow another one. Well, not unless you're an utter moron.
I reject your "4th of July" and embrace independence from all your states and other control freaks.
And was immediately graced with this comment:

You are totally lost!...I pray God for your salvation!.
And then she "unfriended" me. (I have no clue who she is, so I'll get over it.)

I find it interesting how some people tend to conflate their gods; confused over which one I'm not properly worshiping this time.

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  1. I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but I wish people would understand that sincerely held religious belief is just as much archation and tyranny as marxist based politico economic theory, and stop trying to bring about religious based law.


    1. You'll get no argument from me.
      I'm not worried about anyone's religion, until they try to make up "laws" based on it and impose those "laws" on people who have different beliefs (or a lack thereof). Then I will probably despise that religion.