Friday, September 28, 2018

Orphan stew

No, this isn't advocating cannibalism, it's a bunch of little thoughts that have collected and never made it to blog or column status, but that I didn't just want to throw away.

You've been warned....


Alternate history:
Quill and Tattler-- Medieval jesters who make fun of the ruling elites while practicing sorcery. Tattler never tattles because he doesn't speak.


Liberty lovers need to come together, because the enemies of liberty are united against us. But liberty lovers fight over "borders" and American Sharia Law (including "vices") and the illusory "right vs left" nonsense, each insisting on each and every exception to rightful liberty that they want to have incorporated into the deal. It won't work.


I've never been one to give much credit to conspiracy theories. People are simply too tempted to show off to keep big secrets for long-- even under threat of death.

Government runs on conspiracy theories.

Some may be true, but you and I will probably never know. Roswell.  JFK.  FEMA camps... Fun, like horror movies, and just as credible.

Some are easily disprovable but remain popular with those who want to believe in them. Such as "Flat Earth" and "dinosaurs never existed".

Then there are the real conspiracies: Federal Reserve, the IRS/income tax, the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs.


Libertarianism offers real solutions. But you won't see those solutions if you refuse to look outside the political sphere-- to see things that go against what you've always done.

If you would rather imagine what solutions you believe a hypothetical libertarian might suggest, based on your misunderstanding of libertarianism, then you'll just keep going in circles with yourself.


Natural disasters are a problem, one that no one can eliminate through education alone. But education still helps.  What can be done about natural disasters is to cause people to see that these things will happen, and that the best defense is being prepared. The only connection to government here is that government both encourages people to prepare, and grows increasingly suspicious of those who do.  Well, government also exacerbates natural disasters through incompetent response and by preventing voluntary, free market solutions from working. And by making people believe they don't need to be prepared, because government (or someone) will come and save them.


How can anyone believe it is right to use politics to control others?
Wouldn't it be better to find a way to work with other people without sticking a gun in their face?

This blog is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. re: "... liberty lovers fight over "borders"..."

    proposal: to believe in petsonal property presupposes (a) the use of borders to delineate mine from yours, (b) defense of borders to keep what is yours from others.

    debate: is the proposal logical, or unreasonable, or...?

    1. Personal property borders (property lines)-- yes. Reasonable and logical.
      Government tax farm borders-- a violation of the personal property borders, so the opposite of reasonable and logical.
      The fight comes when people willfully conflate the two.

  2. re: " use politics to control others..."

    controlling others = slavery

    methods may vary.
    same desired outcome.