Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Badge doesn't grant extra rights

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 17, 2018)

A badge doesn't grant extra rights. When the law acts as though it does by treating people differently based on whether or not they wear a badge, the law undermines its appearance of legitimacy.

No job can grant extra rights because there's no such thing as an "extra right". All humans have equal and identical rights, whether or not the local law respects those rights equally and identically for all the rest...

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  1. re this: "On the other hand, I wish every thief would die in the act of stealing. Every last one. Theft is a disgusting act. I’ll never feel sympathy for a dead thief. The law doesn’t necessarily agree with my wishes."

    Ummm, do you really mean this? You're lost in the woods and about to freeze, and to survive you break into an abandoned cabin and steal some of the firewood for a fire, and a can of soup to warm you up?

    Does this person deserve to die?

    You're a kid, and you steal a pack of gum, and your parents find out and raise hell and drag you back to the store and make you apologize.

    Does this kid deserve to die?

    Whatever happened to proportional punishment?

    1. It's my feelings, not what I think is right. I believe I said that. I hate thieves. Again, that's my feelings. I also hate litterers and feel the same about them. Would I kill them? No, because I don't think it's right, but my feelings are what they are.