Sunday, December 16, 2018

All cops are thieves; some are worse than others

You might be interested to read this piece on the crime of "civil asset forfeiture" which was sent to me by

They are a little soft on policing in general, somehow not seeming to notice that policing is itself wrong, but the piece is very informative. And infuriating.

"Civil asset forfeiture" doesn't result in stuff being "effectively stolen" by cops; it results in stuff being stolen by cops. Period.

Theft is theft, no matter who is committing it, and no matter if they have "laws" giving them permission. There is simply no wiggle-room there. When cops steal they are the bad guys. Of course, cops are always the bad guys because they commit acts of law enforcement as a condition of continuing to get their cut of the stolen money (paychecks financed through "taxation"). This is part of the reason there is no such thing, and there never can be, as a "good cop". A cop who commits the crime of "civil asset forfeiture" is simply adding to his personal list of offenses to be tallied on the Liberty Offender Registry.

Cops are losers, and losers become cops.

But, still, you will want to read that piece to know what your enemies are up to.


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