Tuesday, December 04, 2018

When feelings aren't right

There are a lot of times when my feelings about something differ from what I know to be right. I admit it.

One instance where this happens is that I feel negative about a big influx of people from other countries and other cultures. Which is why I understand where the anti-"illegal immigrant" people are coming from.

But I know I have no right to prevent people from moving where they have a right to be. And, yes, everyone has a right to be on "public land" (unowned land) and on property where the owners give them permission to be. I don't have a say in the matter.

And I know you can't justify statism with statism. Or "borders" with the "welfare state", for example. Socialism doesn't justify intensified socialism.

I also know government "borders" are more likely to be used to hurt me than to protect me. It's always the same with any government protection racket or any other socialist program.

That's why, in spite of my feelings, I can't join the anti-immigrant folks. Now, if you want to defend your private property from trespassers (of any sort), I'm on your side.


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  1. Why do you feel negative about people from the other side of an entirely arbitrary line in the dirt crossing said line, in order to flee an even more oppressive regime, or to better their lives?

    I feel good about that. I feel sad to be within sight of the open air prison fence at the southern border, because it reminds me in the most visceral manner that I am regarded as a slave by others with the power to inflict that status on me.

    1. I don't know why I feel negatively about it. I know it makes no sense, really.

      It may be due to my introverted nature.

      Some is fear that they will fall for the "democracy" lie and v*te to curtail liberty because it scares them. Like most v*ters born here do. I don't want more v*ters ganging up on me. No one has the right to v*te on my liberty.

      It may also be because I pick up a lot of trash around town, and most of it is "culturally Hispanic" food product packaging, and I also see with my own eyes who is tossing the trash (of all sorts) on the ground. (Of course, I hate when people soil the world with "laws" as much as I do when they toss trash around-- it's the same sort of irresponsibility either way.)

      Like I say, it is just my feelings, not what I would believe is right or anything I would act on. So I can relate to-- and sympathize with-- people who are desperate to believe the state can save them, even if I can't agree.