Friday, March 22, 2019

Statist misrepresents Laissez-faire

Here's another statist lie, paraphrased for brevity:
"Sorry, libertarians. You are wrong. We know laissez-faire doesn't work, because it means there are no rules. You have to have some government, just not centralized control, because that doesn't work, either."

Yes, I heard one make that argument recently. He's wrong.

All government is centralized control. Yes, there are differing amounts. But if there is no centralized control it's not government as people understand government. It would be something else. Centralized control-- any and all centralized control-- is cancer. There's no way to keep it from metastisizing.

Laissez-faire doesn't mean there are no rules. The rules are just not imposed by a coercive, thieving gang of molesters. Control, in this case, is provided by social interactions. By the market. By self-interest. "Bottom-up" (which works) rather than "top-down" (which doesn't).

To make the claim the statist made is terribly ignorant. He probably believes himself to be very enlightened.


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  1. It's a rare occurrence for a statist to stay in a polite discussion once their contradictions and assumptions are laid bare. That's when their emotions override their intellect and we become "selfish libertarians" who should just move to Somalia etc.

    1. If I had heard him speak in a format where I could have written to him I would have done so. I'm not good at not speaking up. I probably know what his reaction would have been since he specifically went to the trouble to say libertarians are wrong about laissez-faire.

    2. Seems like he might not be aware of the non government "governance" of customer feedback in a free market. You should keep speaking up, you're good at it.