Wednesday, March 13, 2019

You can't have civil rights both ways

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for March 13, 2019)

It's interesting to me how many people want their own rights respected, while also wanting other people's rights to be violated.

People who want their rights as gun owners respected often advocate a massive government welfare program, carried out through taxation and land theft, in order to build a border wall which violates the right of association and the right of people to move about freely. They also demand a police state where you can be stopped and checked for your the rest...

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  1. "People aren’t good at consistency, especially when they don’t realize that all rights are connected so thoroughly they might as well be one and the same. How can you expect your rights to be respected if you refuse to respect the rights of everyone else?"

    How can you expect your rights to be respected if you advocate disarming yourself and your fellow citizens, but not disarming the government agents whose masters have repeatedly shown their utter disdain for the notion of individual rights?