Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dumb ideas aren't "progress"

A few days ago I saw someone bringing up the 20th anniversary of the mass-murder by the evil losers at the Columbine kinderprison. They were moaning that 20 years have passed and "what progress have we made?"

They didn't exactly say, but I'll bet I know their idea of "progress", and I'll bet it is what I would consider going backward into deeper slavery.

Because I'm sure their "solution" is more anti-gun "laws" like the ones which not only failed to protect lives, but actually empowered the evil losers at Columbine (and elsewhere in the years since). "Laws" which made sure they could murder without interruption. "Laws" which made it less likely anyone would be able to fight back effectively. "Laws" which make cowering and dying official policy.

It's not the guns. It's never the guns. If you want to solve things like school shootings, but you think it's about the guns you're a moron. Anything you do will only make it worse.


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  1. I like to ask "gun control nuts" if they believe in equality etc. and after they answer yes, ask them where they (or anyone) could possibly get the right to demand another peaceful armed person obey them if "we are all equal". Sometimes they mutter something incoherent about "society".

    Then I ask them if they are okay with using guns (offensive force) to make other people comply with their demands. They look confused, then, after I painstakingly explain my logic...I am deemed a selfish libertarian and told to move to....yup...Somalia.

  2. Most of those kids who died at columbine would have grown up to be statists anyway. So it's not really THAT tragic. I personally think it's wonderful that those boys whacked them before they could vote or become cops or something.

    Those boys are the kind of people who should have nukes because they'd have the balls to use them. They were part of the solution because they understood that nothing works except killing people.

    Too bad they killed themselves. They could have probably killed a few cops before they got whacked. If they had planned it better, they may have been able to kill more people. What a waste of potential.