Thursday, April 04, 2019

Sorry, Scott. "Climate change" IS a power grab.

On a recent podcast, Scott Adams almost had a meltdown when confronted by the evidence that many of his listeners believe "climate change" hysteria is all about a power grab by those promoting it. He says this means people have been hypnotized by the media they get their news from.

There's a flaw in his belief: I don't partake of the "news", and the "news" I accidentally get exposed to is from all over the statist map. I also don't know whether AGCC is real, whether it is a net negative, or anything else about it-- other than the fact it doesn't justify violations of life, liberty, or property by any government.

Yet I do know he's wrong to deny "climate change" is about a power grab, and here's why.

He makes the mistake of insisting that someone show him the one person who is seeking to consolidate his or her power using the excuse of "climate change" through something like the "new green deal". That's looking for the wrong thing.

Every "law" increases government power. This means any new "law"-- no matter what it's about-- is a power grab for the whole collective known as "government". Any individual who has hitched their wagon to that coercive collective is going to gain power with each new "law". Of course, any individual connected to government, who lusts for power, is going to advocate for something which will increase government power and will, therefore, increase the individual government cog's power. Maybe not to the point of that one person being the King of Earth, but enough to cause that person to advocate for the new "law". In the hope of gaining power. That's a power grab.

It's neither mysterious nor a conspiracy theory. It's human nature and the nature of the political means.

He came back the next day and said that obviously, all government is about power, so calling "climate change" a power grab is the same as literally saying nothing.
Nice backtrack... not.

I enjoy his stuff when he's honest, but he's such a flaming statist he can't even see the statism he floats around in.

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  1. I usually agree with Scott Adams but he was way off the mark on this one. Clearly a huge clump of people are interesting in getting climate change legislation thru because it's a globalists wet dream to gain power. That I don't know the names of a bunch of faceless folks buried in UN and other globalists offices doesn't change that. I do know the names Obama, Gore, Pelosi, and just about all the other usual democrats who long to turn the US over to the globalists.

    1. I agree with you, but he would say this just shows you are pretending to read their minds.
      My counter to that is that since we can't actually read minds what we have to do is infer what someone is thinking by their actions. Even if they actually believe AGCC is a life and death crisis, they are choosing the path which gives government more power. I may expend that thought in another post soon.

  2. Good point: Leading, even as a statist, can be dangerous. – Much safer to climb onto the juggernaut.

    1. Dictators (and those too close to them) don't have a good retirement plan.