Monday, April 22, 2019

"SPD"- Statist Personality Disorder

I'm seeing more and more evidence that statism is more than a quirk; it's a full-fledged mental disorder.

It will never be officially recognized as such, of course, because most of those who with the power to recognize it also suffer from it. And they aren't likely to recognize their own mental illness as a mental illness, or admit it is even if they realize it.

But that doesn't change the fact that it is one.

Statist Personality Disorder shares a lot of characteristics with Narcissistic Personality Disorder-- maybe it's a subcategory. There also seems to be a lot of neuroticism mixed in.

It's self-centered and self-important; scared and cruel.
It's the temperamental spoiled toddler and the overbearing parent.
Evil claiming to be goodness.
Greed pretending to be generosity.
Insanity posing as reasonableness.

I have no respect for those who exhibit signs of Statist Personality Disorder.


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  1. It's called delusional. An illusion is something that isn't there. A delusion is hallucinating about something that is there, seeing it as something else.

    They are delusional because they believe that humans attain super-human status and god-like ability when they say magic words at a religious ceremony and wear funny clothes.

    There is no known medication, treatment or cure except euthanasia. Although truth and reason has been known to help a very small percentage of patients.