Sunday, April 21, 2019

Statism = Nihilism = Statism

I am not a nihilist. I don't want to watch the world burn, and I certainly don't want to be the one to set it on fire.

Yes, I hate and oppose negative things like governments and other archators, but I don't hate and oppose everything. I don't want to destroy society (that's why I don't support political governments). I don't want to destroy most people. I don't want to break windows and loot and flip over cars. Well, at least not those owned by people rather than governments. I hate and oppose those things which are most destructive-- things which nihilists should love. It's why I can't be a statist.

However, I understand the frustration which drives some to a nihilistic world-view. I can't even really blame them for feeling that way, even if I would blame them if they carried it out.

I'm a personal pessimist, but a long-term optimist. My own life may never be what I wish, but in the long term-- maybe longer than several human lifespans-- I think things will keep getting better. I am sad when I think how much horror and tyranny will probably have to pass between now and then.

I do what I can to give people the chance to avoid it, but my voice is small and unimportant. I wish I could get through to people to save them the pain, but most people (including myself) don't learn without pain. It's bad enough when people cause themselves pain, but so much worse when their bad choices cause pain to others.

And make no mistake: statism is a bad, bad choice. No matter how many believe it is normal. No matter how few can see another path. It's a really dumb thing to cling to. Yet, cling they do. They will make the nihilists "happy" with the inevitable results of statism: death, destruction, poverty, slavery, and just about all other bad outcomes. Outcomes guaranteed by people claiming to want to help... by doing the opposite of the right thing.

And yet, even with all that, I'm not a nihilist and could never be one.

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  1. I've been forced into nihilism by people devaluing my life with stupid games and bullshit. Nothing has meaning anymore. The time to do what I wanted with MY life is over. At best, I can live without future torment, which can only come about by neutralizing/killing those fucking with me.

    Aside from a list of specific individuals, there are also statists who number in the billions. I see killing them all as a necessary step to being able to mind my own god damned business without hassle.

    Fuck this prison planet and everyone on it. Kill them all, break everything, rebuild anew.

    1. Killing "them all" includes killing us. It's easy to become angry over all this stuff, but I am finding--way too late in my life perhaps but maybe not--that the more calm and loving I become, the more others around me become that way. I know this isn't so much a God-friendly blog, but I do believe in God and I believe that one thing God has put me on this planet to do is to help people. I have no control over what others do, but I do have control over myself and my own actions. I used to try and force my beliefs on others (much as the "kill them all" mentality does), but now I am finding that the less I try to force, the more people (sometimes!) are willing to listen. There are more victories when I am filled with and try to spread God's light and love than when I am angry at everyone. Living what I believe is much more productive than forcing others to believe what I do.

    2. I don't intend to be un-"God-friendly". If belief in God is what keeps you from being an archator, I'm in favor of you having those beliefs.

      If I could believe what I don't believe, I would. There was a lot less persecution and scorn when I was a believer; even when I faked it.