Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Little pick-me-ups

The above screenshot is from September 2014, but it still helps inspire me.

Sometimes promoting liberty in the face of naysayers gets tiring. I'm sure you go through the same thing. Liberty is (apparently) hard and scary. Promoting it isn't going to make you popular. And you know it and feel it.

And then-- occasionally-- out of nowhere, you'll get a little boost.

Either a donation comes with a note telling how you've helped and are appreciated, or an email shows up unexpectedly letting you know it's not all in vain, or a comment like the one pictured above gets posted somewhere and let's you know you're getting through at least sometimes.

No, I shouldn't "need" this kind of affirmation. But it sure does help sometimes. I always save them for a rainy day when they can be enjoyed as if they are new.

Writing is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. You certainly deserve that "inspiration"!

    It's interesting, that this writer read what you wrote for a long time, before in his mind something "clicked." I dare say that's not unusual. Such is the depth of indoctrination gov't schools have wrought, we need to hear it several times before it takes root.

  2. which is why i mention the need for libertine physical security, rather than reliance on state services.

    pretending to not free-load on a state service is bad logic.

    without an effective and robust libertine security capability- folks remain dependent on the state.

    fairytales that ignore the gaping philosophical hole- are just fairytales of dependent serfs on the platation.

    eventually, folks come to realize that dependence is not liberty.

    1. Again:
      I would like for you to lay out exactly what you advocate doing. Coherently and in full. I sometimes think I've got the gist of it, but then you'll say something else which doesn't fit what I thought you were advocating, and I'd like to understand. I'm willing to give you a platform for a guest post (Send it as a comment or in email, and I'll post it on its own) on this blog if you can do so.

  3. "dependence is not liberty"

    "self ownership and individual responsibility" includes not depending on a state for anything; not for library books, not for health care, not for food, not for security.

    roll your own.
    own it. all of it.
    take responsibility. (that includes security against cartels and state organs)
    be the change.

    [ i try in my own life, and it is not easy. security against cartels and the state- is by far the toughest responsibility to address. (a) it undercuts all other responsibilities and freedoms, and (b) maybe because it is so fundamental and significant- almost everyone pretends it's not an issue at all. yet it remains the single most foundational responsibility of every one of us: without physical security, no other freedoms are possible. ]

    the redcoats tried to take our cannon at Lexington and Concord, so we fought the strongest military power on earth and beat them.

    either we are free, or are protected sheep on their plantation.

    thinking folks need to own their own liberty. all of it.
    take responsibility. (that includes security against cartels and state organs)
    be the change.
    become effective.
    win freedom back.

  4. in the mean-time; everyone reading this is dependent on a state for security. most for security against cartels, and against other states. a few have addressed the cartel issue- but are still dependent on a state for defense against other states, and (having no other practical choice) are supporting the "shitty evil" local state against "horrible truly evil" other states.

    it is a dependency.
    that needs to be understood and tolerated for only as long as it takes to grow effective alternatives to the state.
    "wanna-be free" people are shirking this responsibility.
    it's difficult. but needs doing.

    1. I would still like you to write up a complete, coherent summary (no matter how long) laying out exactly what you propose people do, right now, where they are, with the world as it exists. That way I can post in as its own post, giving your idea the audience I can.