Sunday, June 09, 2019

Whatever works?

I'm always told that statism works, so I need to just go with it. Yeah?

I have no doubt that statism "works".

In the same way murder, rape, theft, etc. "work".

All those behaviors can get the bad guys what they want (at least in the short term) without relying on the voluntary cooperation of others (their victims). And, yes, if you are willing to act that way I am going to consider you one of the bad guys; no question about that.

The question is, why are you so willing to use archation to get what you want?
Do you not have good convincing reasons?
Can you not offer something worthwhile in trade?
In other words, why cheat? That's just pathetic.

Writing is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. "If you could convince statists with reason, ethics and logic there wouldn't be any statists."

    Great quote.

  2. Do you consent to government by refusing to emigrate?

    1. paying taxes enables government

    2. paying sales tax at grocery store enables archation.

    3. Sorry, but I stopped buying into victim blaming YEARS ago. Handing the mugger some money might "enable" him, but it's NOT his victim's fault. Only someone who wants to shift some blame away from the guilty party would imagine otherwise.

  3. helping defensive archation against much worse archation- doesn't make one a victim. it makes one a participant defending against the worse archation.

    whining about having to defend at all, by claiming to be a victim because there is no choice but to defend- is to complain about the situation the 'worse archator' puts you in.
    archators created that. your choice is to (a) participate in defending, or (b) to become a slave to the 'worse archator', or (c) to coast and let others do the heavy lifting for you.

    1. ...pointing out that most people coast- and are not willing to participate in actively defending against 'worse achators'.

      [one common technique, is to shirk active participation in defense while relying on others to do that for them. enjoying and expecting a free ride of benefits derived from the labor of others.]