Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Questions about anti-gun bigots

Why do anti-gun bigots continue to hammer the idea that if you aren't violating the human right to own and to carry weapons you "aren't doing anything"?

Why do they keep pretending there's a "gun problem"-- separate from the continuing violation of the natural human right to own and to carry them?

Why do they lie and say the problem is "gun violence" rather than admitting the problem would be gun aggression-- by cops/government gangs and freelance archators?

Should there be a "process" for violating people? Does it only matter that they "really believe" they should violate the natural human right to own and to carry weapons?

Do beliefs change an unethical act into an ethical one?

Anti-gun bigots say "it's got to get worse" (more deaths) before anything can be done to make it "better" (more anti-gun "laws")-- that's right, anti-gun bigots are hoping for more mass shootings to advance their agenda. Will they "do something" to make sure they get what they are hoping for. Yep. They will. They already have been, for decades.

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  1. They don't know what rights are, and don't care because they're selfish. They do know that they can get their way via govern-thugs. Combine that with government/media psy-ops scaring the hell out of them, and viola,they have all they need to justify stealing people's property or preventing them from rightful ownership.

    Even most gun owners are stupid/ignorant enough to not understand what rights are, which only aids the cause of potential gun grabbers. Note how many cite the state sanctioned 'right' to own/carry guns. You don't have a right to own/carry guns. You have a right to own and carry whatever you want, and government is wholly irrelevant(or should be).

    If you try to explain it, gun grabbers reject it because it's not getting their way, and gun owners reject it with a knee-jerk, seeing anything anti-2nd amendment as anti-gun argument. Both worship the state and see anything contrary as blasphemous.

    In other words, people are stupid brainwashed idiots who aren't going to correct anything. In order to fix it, you have to first kill off almost everyone, then start fresh with a new generation being taught the value of property rights. Short of a global thermonuclear exchange, that ain't happening.

    Might as well get a tattoo on your neck that reads "place boot here".

  2. Why? because they imagine themselves to be your "slave-master".
    deep down, they are certain that they know what you can and cannot do, and they intend to use force to make you do it.

    Evil wanna-be slave-masters.
    When they do us the favor of identifying themselves, be sure to remember each and every one. There will be a test later.

    1. Pardon me for being so blunt, but that sounds like bullshit.

      It ultimately comes down to force. Either figure a way to convince billions of retards, kill billions of statists, or submit to your masters.

      My vote is for genocide.

    2. it's your plan, so maybe start on yourself.

    3. Way to straw man.

      The point is that it's not their imagination. Statists have effectively enslaved everyone via government force. It's not "wanne-be", but rather IS/ARE.

      Force has to be used in order to correct. It's not like you can convince the idiotic masses of anything. And submission is unacceptable.

      Like I said; Genocide.