Thursday, September 19, 2019

Anti-gun bits and pieces

(I don't intend to turn this blog into Kent's "Hooligan Gun-Rights" Blog. Even if it seems like it at the moment. I tend to focus on what I see as the biggest dangers to liberty right now... the winds will probably change soon. But until then...)


If you don't assume something is bad, you don't look for ways to reduce it.
To seek ways to reduce the number of guns is to assume they are bad.
If you are discussing ways guns might be restricted or "controlled" you are advocating reducing the number of guns.


Chicago has strict anti-gun "laws", and they've been getting more strict for a century or so. Some claim this is a reaction to crime, not a cause. So I guess that must mean crime has gone down in Chicago in step with the stricter "laws" being imposed. How much more "gun control" will it take to make Chicago a peaceful paradise? Or, are the "laws" having no effect or making it worse?


Yes, you can change the Constitution if you don't like what's in it. However, if you meddle with the Bill of Rights the whole deal is off. Without the completely intact Bill of Rights, no Constitution (it was a package deal, without which the Constitution wouldn't have been ratified). No Constitution, no U.S. feral government. That's fine by me! How do you feel about that?


Gun rights don't violate human rights. Gun rights are human rights. My right to own and carry a gun has nothing to do with your right to not be shot. I have no right to shoot you if you aren't violating anyone, but I have no obligation to not shoot you if you are. You can't have the right to archate, so neither can you have the right to archate in safety.


If you are advocating (or proposing) a gun "buyback" you are lying. Gun manufacturers can buy back the guns they produced and sold. Gun stores can buy back the guns they sold. Your neighbor could buy back the gun he sold you. However, unless you bought your gun from the federal government, that government can't "buy it back". It can offer a bounty for the gun-- financed by stolen or counterfeited money. But your gun never belonged to the government and it can't go "back" to some mental construct which never owned it.


Anti-gun positions are always based on lies or ignorance. Always.

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  1. 2A already overturned in the 1930's.
    2A was always about military grade weapons.

    at Lexington and Concord- the Crown came for our Cannons.
    How many artillery pieces do we each have today?
    The Royal classes did manage to get them from us...

    2A is still supposedly "the law".
    supposedly superior to other little laws.

    ... So apparently, there is no "law", WROL.

  2. wonderful link. thoughfulness there.
    I must go "grok" that, fully.

    1. The original is here (link) but it wasn't working earlier.