Sunday, September 15, 2019

Good guys with guns

Several times I've seen people ask why-- in the cases of successful mass shootings-- the loser wasn't stopped by good guys with guns.

That's simple to answer.

The good guys with guns are prohibited from having guns in the places where mass shootings happen... that's why the mass shootings happen where they do.

Plus, even if I'm carrying where it is prohibited, my first responsibility is to protect myself and my family. If I have the opportunity I might also try to protect those around me who shirked their responsibility and aren't prepared to protect themselves, but that's not my obligation. Why should I risk my life and liberty for people who don't value their own life enough to carry the proper tools with which to defend it?

If I am forced to pull my gun I open myself up to "legal" consequences. Are those irresponsible people worth that trouble?

America doesn't have too many guns. Americans are carrying too few guns.

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1 comment:

  1. "friends and family", we take care of one another.

    Others should take care of their own kin. Or not.
    They are free to choose for themselves.