Monday, October 28, 2019

There's always something new to learn

I've been trying primitive (and less-than primitive) fire-starting methods all of my adult life-- actually, since around my mid-teens. I haven't succeeded with all of them-- the hand drill being my most frustrating failure-- but it has been years since I heard of a "new" method I'd never heard of before.

But a couple of weeks ago that's exactly what happened.

I was watching a video about fire-making and the guy used the fire roll. What? Never heard of that! But I've got to try it NOW!

So, I did.

And, unlike some other methods, I made fire the first time I tried it. And then, I made a fire with it more primitively using only yucca fibers from my yard, I've made fires (well, only embers usually) with the fire roll nearly every day since. In fact, during our unseasonably early winter storm last week, that's how I lit my fireplace.

Anyway, that's to say you never know so much about anything that there's nothing more to learn. It doesn't matter how many years you've been studying and pursuing something-- someone out there knows something you don't. The day you find them should be one of the highlights of your life. In every case. Don't let pride stop you from learning. You'd only be cheating yourself.

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  1. What was the dark gray powder he scattered on the cotton ball and boards?

    Incredibly, he didn't say - I watched it twice. Was it black pepper? Dark sand? Gunpowder?

    1. Just regular wood ash. He has also used rust. I used wood ash and I also did it without any additive. The ash or rust just make it easier for some reason.

    2. Thanks for asking Jim. I too thought it was gunpowder since it was not described. Wood ash makes it a much more feasible 'emergency' measure.

    3. One thing to keep in mind in an emergency situation is to always plan for your next fire. Save whatever might help with the next fire. I've heard some call it "next fire mentality". I save cold charcoal a lot of times. I could also save ash. I read that the fire roll wasn't known to have been invented until WWII-- in POW camps, for lighting cigarettes. It's also called the Rutiger roll.