Monday, November 04, 2019


Just a heads-up:
"We" are switching internet providers, looking for something more affordable. Unfortunately, I think the previous provider will be disconnected sometime today, but there's no definite schedule (not even a hint) for the replacement to be hooked up, and it sounds like it's going to be quite a project.

So, if I go missing for a few days don't worry too much. I have some posts scheduled to post automatically-- for a few days, anyway.

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I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support. If so...
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. wonder what elon will charge for "starlink" internet service??

    60 satellites every 2 weeks, for the next 14 months, should get the service working next summer: Global high speed internet, with pizza box sized uplink/downlink antenna.

    1. I've been wondering that myself. The last thing I heard was that they mentioned that people in rural areas "often pay $80 per month for crappy service". So, how does one interpret that?

      (And, obviously, I still have internet for the moment. And a guy came out and placed little flags in the yard today.)