Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What I want for Christmas 2021

I know all the reasons I shouldn't like Tesla vehicles. I resent the government subsidies, I know the limitations of battery-powered vehicles better than most, and I don't like the way new cars spy on you and theoretically allow others to take control.

But I want a Cybertruck anyway.

It's as if my old Citicar and a DeLorean mated and gave birth to this vehicle; the first Tesla I've ever really liked. I know it will change a lot before (if) it hits the market, but I like the prototype a lot.

I guess it's time to start saving up pennies and nickels for one or hoping someone decides to buy me one for Christmas.

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  1. My cars have always been personalized with a name - usually female, for I like them curvy. Years ago I enjoyed Jaguar 2.4s - one after the other; Jules and Sandy. Treating them in such a way increases their loyalty and performance.

    The angular lines of this Tesla do not appeal to me. Therefore, after much diligent searching, I have found a point on which we disagree.

    Choice, though, is a wonderful thing. Imagine that a Trabant was the only car.

    1. Beauty is subjective. I admit that I'm weird. I loved my Citicar; felt like I was piloting a spaceship every time I went anywhere. But I never named it (others did, though: "The Nuke") or any other car (I name my guns, but rarely even think of their names). And I always loved the DeLorean, so this thing just appeals to me-- I'd like it no matter what fuel it used.

    2. You? Weird? NO! It's everyone else who is weird.

  2. Hi Kent,

    Finally got your email to me. It got caught up in my spam filters, but eventually I had some time to wade through many hundreds of spams looking for the handful from real people.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    Jim Henshaw

    1. We had our Thanksgiving this past weekend. That's when the most family members could get together. It was a lot of fun.
      Then this morning I broke a rib wrestling a washing machine so I'm not having as much fun at the moment.

    2. I'm in Baltimore visiting my wife's family (I married the young lady, Tracy, that you met this year). We're driving past Evil Empire Central, aka DC, tomorrow for her family's Thanksgiving feast in NO VA.


  3. "met previously" was what I meant