Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blog issues?

Is anyone having trouble accessing this blog? For the past week or so, about half the time when I try to visit the site I get a "this site can not be reached" page instead.



  1. I have not received that message on the few times that I have recently visited your site via browser.

    Normally I read your posts via RSS feed reader Akregator, and all has been well.

    Hans ... in the NC woods

  2. I haven't gotten that message, but I've been pretty busy lately and this is the first time I've tried in a couple days.

  3. I check your blog via RSS every day, at least once and often more than once, and usually click through. I've had no problems.

  4. It did it again just as I was going to respond. Maybe it's something on my end. Usually all I have to do is refresh the page once or twice. As long as it's not affecting anyone else I'm not going to worry about it.