Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy 2020!

One last post for the year 2019...

Happy New Year!

And, for everyone who isn't hung up on the fact that there wasn't a Year 0, Happy New Decade!

Yeah, I realize that since there wasn't a Year 0, technically the '20s don't start until next year. But the only reason there wasn't a Year Zero is that they didn't think of putting it in there when they numbered the years. (Besides, other people use a different numbering system altogether, making this one even more arbitrary.)

I tried to press the issue back around the years 1999 and 2000, but it was a losing battle. And it really didn't matter.

Since the years were numbered retroactively, 525 years (or even 800 for the numbering system to be widely adopted) after the date they chose as the beginning, it's completely arbitrary anyway. Insisting that the new decade, century, or millennium doesn't start until the year ending in a 1 feels like insisting that January doesn't start until January 2.

Enough of that.

Being the year 2020, maybe it would be a good year to focus on having 20/20 vision. Maybe not physically, with our eyes (mine are crap anyway) but with our mind's eye. A good time to focus on seeing things as they really are.

Cops are a nasty gang of criminals.
Political government is a crime syndicate.
Elections are an advance auction on stolen goods and an attempt to beg for a slightly less harmful ruler-- which never works out that way.
Anti-gun legislation is a bad-guy protection racket.
Prisons are Criminal University and only benefit the State.
Socialism is already the American "system", and it is as unethical as you can get.
The State is the enemy of civilization, the enemy of society, and the enemy of the individual. It is my enemy and it is your enemy. Even if you don't like to face this fact.

See it clearly in 2020.


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  1. Happy New Year!

    I'll try not to p**s in anyone's Cheerios by pointing out the stuff you did, unless they ask my opinion. People don't generally react well to being told their political philosophy is rooted in a false premise that they've been indoctrinated in since birth.

    Jim Henshaw

    1. You don't necessarily have to point it out to anyone for it to make a positive impact in your own life. Or, at least I hope that's the case.

      The post I've written for tomorrow (January 2) fits very nicely with your observation about people and their indoctrination.