Sunday, December 08, 2019

The worst thing to import to Mars

As I mentioned in the last post, statists are debating how to govern Martian colonists. They ask what kind of government these people will "need".

It makes me a little sick inside anytime I hear someone talking about this scheme. It's as though the colonists' lives won't be difficult enough without forcing more problems on them. Do they want to import litter and rabies, too? Maybe plague. And let's shoot everyone in the knees while we are at it.

Let's find ways to make it harder-- establish a parasite class they'll have to support. Free riders in the most toxic sense.

Personally, I don't think they'll be able to tolerate political government until life gets a lot easier for them. Maybe by then, the addiction will be broken.

When you'll be dependent on other people for air and water and food, you don't want politics in the mix. You need competition. You need the market. Let people compete to sell you air, water, and food for profit. The more competition in that market, the better off everyone will be-- better quality, lower prices, no chance for a monopoly. Monopolies require political government-- would you really want to take that risk? The risk of being shut off by the only supplier because your opinion wasn't correct?

Not me.

When moving to an entirely new place, the most stupidly self-destructive thing you could do is bring politics along for the ride and let it take root. That's like building a crack into your skyscraper's foundation and putting it on top of quicksand... on purpose.

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  1. Actual exercise of authority over people that are 35-225 million miles away is impossible. They will be the epitome of self-governed, Earth politics be damned.

    1. I'm more worried about the virus of political government infecting the colonists' minds and fooling them into establishing their own government. Self-governed would be great, but people generally want to govern each other instead.

  2. Initially- power, food, shelter, and oxygen are limited on new colonies. Corporate control will ruthlessly restrict society, economics, and personal liberties.

    Only when there is a surplus available to groups/individuals, can groups/individuals exert their independence from the entity that instantiated the colony.