Sunday, December 15, 2019

"Where were the 'brave', 'heroic' gun owners?"

Not around here... or anywhere else I've ever lived.

Anti-gun bigots frequently ask why gun owners don't intervene and stop attackers more often-- which gun owners claim as one of the main reasons they own and carry guns.

Maybe my situation will illustrate a possible reason.

Say I have a gun or two and am willing to carry to protect myself and others.
However, because of rampant anti-gun bigotry and statist support for it, the reality is I have 4 options:

  • I can stay home.
  • I can go out of the house but leave my guns at home because there are no essential businesses* in this region that lack a "We don't care if you die!" sign at the door. Thus, bolstering the anti-gun bigots' point that guns are useless for defense of society and might as well be banned.
  • I can go out, but leave my guns in the car, rendering them useless for defense and more vulnerable to theft. Thus, again proving more of the anti-gun bigots' points.
  • I can go out, armed, in violation of the signage.

That's it. Those are my options.

And this is in Texas and New Mexico-- supposedly fairly "pro-gun" places.

A right you are unable to exercise is worthless and might as well not even be a right. Just a wish.

That's why evil losers are able to commit mass murder, time after time, with little effective opposition. I find this situation unacceptable.

I know other gun owners who carry and say they've never seen these anti-gun signs around here. Am I hallucinating all the signs? or are the other people selectively blind to these nasty insults to human dignity?

What solution do you see? "Too bad"? "Move"?


*Ignoring for a moment whether there is any such thing as a right-of-way since there is some contention on that point, I see a big difference between property that is accessed "by invitation only" and property which is "open to the public" for business or such.

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  1. The only "responsible" action (my opinion) is the last: selective blindness.

    My criteria for carry is based on the legislative domain's policy for use of deadly force. I assume that I am exposed to individuals who may murder or cause me grievous bodily harm. Therefore I carry peacefully everywhere I am not facing a credible threat of immediate arrest. (In my state, violation of a "no weapons" sign is a misdemeanor, not a felony.)

    Since I have very little need to enter buildings owned by FedGov, StateGov or LEO, this practice resolves for me 99%+ of the "we don't care if you die" signs.

    1. The only gov "owned" property I ever enter-- other than on very rare occasions-- is the post office (we don't rate home delivery here and have to go to the post office to get our mail-- if we want it). Since the Second Amendment (their rules, not mine) makes it a serious crime for government to pretend to outlaw weapons anywhere, at any time I have no guilt whatsoever ignoring that big sign on the door (and inside on the wall).