Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Crimes of Lon Horiuchi

Most years, on this date, I think about Lon Horiuchi.

Not many brutal mob hitmen are so widely known. Do you ever wonder about him and why he's still breathing? I know I do. He's been in hiding for a long time now-- hopefully, he'll never be able to have a single, solitary day of normal, non-paranoid life ever again.

Speaking of which, has published an article on the Ruby Ridge siege where Lon Horiuchi had a starring role in the brazen gang murders of Vicki Weaver and Sammy Weaver.

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Learning new things challenges you

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for August 21, 2019)

Usually, the more I learn about something the more I appreciate it.

There have been many times when a friend has introduced me to something I knew next to nothing about; something they were enthusiastic for, and before long I had gained a new appreciation. It doesn't necessarily mean it becomes something I'm seriously interested in, but I can still appreciate it through new the rest...

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