Monday, January 27, 2020

Citicar "review"

I just had to share this video.

My Citicar was baby blue, had no fan blowing across the motor, and had no aluminum gutters. I did make my own rubber gutters to keep rain from dripping on my electrical contacts (which would make them melt and spark).

I stashed the windows behind the seats when I drove with them out-- at least until I installed zippers in them. I didn't have trouble getting the doors to latch like he did.

I repurposed that pointless "defrost" switch as a stealth "on switch". If no one was around and I didn't feel like using my key I could just flip the switch and go.
I did install door locks.
I tried not to use the "first position" power much as the resister coil would burn out easily. Once I got the hang of accelerating quickly, it was smooth and the first position was very quickly moved through. There was not much clunking after I learned to handle it. I don't remember mine being so noisy, but I usually had the radio on.

I notice, that even with all his misgivings, he enjoyed the car. I get that.


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