Monday, January 27, 2020

Now what, Virginia?

So, Virginia... now what?

I've read reports of the legislative molestation the Virginia political gangsters have gone ahead and set in motion against your rights. Against YOU.

So, what will you do in response?

You've seen that v*ting doesn't work. Protesting peacefully doesn't work. Telling the legislation enforcing gangsters "thank you for your service" doesn't work. So, now what?

You're either going to have to try something else, move to another tax farm, or get ready to give up your guns. How much will you take before Time's Up? How many anti-gun "laws" will you tolerate? How many anti-gun bigots laughing in your face will you remain polite toward?

I'm not proposing anything.
I'm not telling you to do anything.
I don't even know what would work.
But the way you-- and all politically active gun rights supporters in America-- have been trying to get political trash to respect your rights doesn't work. Isn't that obvious now? So what's next?

Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.


  1. As a Virginia resident, I can assure you the people are NOT happy. Just like the founders of the US, we're trying every peaceful method we can think of first. There's a reason I wore my suit, my 9mm handgun, and my "Time's Up" patch to "lobby day"!

    There are a whole lot of discussions going on right now about the next steps. This is a dangerous situation here, since both sides believe they're right and are willing to fight if necessary.

    1. I certainly don't envy you. I'm mad enough at Texas-- I'd be livid if I lived in Virginia.