Sunday, January 05, 2020

Superior numbers, but still wrong

The number of people who agree with you has no bearing on whether you are right or wrong. It might be correlated in some cases, but probably not very often. You've got to go deeper than numbers. This is also a HUGE flaw with democracy.

Look how often in the past "everyone" believed such-and-such and it turned out to be completely wrong. This is still the case.

Of course, that the majority disagrees with you doesn't make you right, either. Some people fall into the trap of believing it does.

Statists have superior numbers. They also have a set of beliefs which are demonstrably wrong. They won't listen to the reasons those beliefs are wrong, except in very rare cases. When they are exposed to the reasons, I notice they can't really refute them, but they can refuse to accept them. They'll generally fall back on the excuses that it doesn't feel right to them, they can't imagine any other way, or they don't like it.

Sure, everyone does this to some extent (even those who believe they never do) but this is a universal trait of statists. Almost a defining characteristic of statism. Statism can't exist without this trait being in full-force all the time. And they still mistake their belief that "everyone" agrees with them for evidence that they are correct.

They aren't. I'm almost embarrassed for them.

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