Saturday, February 15, 2020

Stats and updates

This is my 5501st blog post. Most of which aren't as pointless as this one.

My first blog post was on September 3, 2006.

I'm in my 14th year of blogging and in my 10th year writing the newspaper column (495 columns so far, as far as I can tell).

My slowest (full) blogging year was 2010 when I only posted 377 times. My bloggiest year was 2014 with 449 posts.

Last year saw 386 posts. I'm up to 51 posts for 2020 so far.

I really hate when I miss a day, or a few, even though it can't be avoided sometimes.

I currently post these blogs on Blogger, WordPress, Patreon, and Steemit, and share them as links on Twitter and Quora.

This blog usually averages around 300 or so views per day according to Blogger, but that's probably not even close to accurate. I don't pay much attention to the numbers anymore, anyway. The numbers go way up when (I suspect) I'm getting fake views from spammers looking for sites to post on. And I've come to accept that I'm just a baby minnow in some tiny backwater of the internet.

My site gets around 350 visitors per week.

I've been posting "outrageous" answers to Quora a lot recently, more for sport than anything. It helps me blow off steam and entertain myself, I've started sharing those answers on Twitter just to see if I can cause a reaction. Mostly, no, I can't.

Who knows if I've made a positive impact on the world. I'll probably never know. But I'll pretend I have. It makes me happy to imagine I have in some way.

Tomorrow I plan to have some actual content.

UPDATE: I just ran across this rather fitting quote--
No one asked you to write. And no one will care if you stop. If you succeed, no one will notice. It’s a rough, heartless business.” ~ George Higgins


Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.


  1. Impressive stats, Kent; and more impressive is your industry in writing so often.

    I blog too, but in my dotage can manage only once a week. A decade ago I could handle a shorter edition every two days, but that became too much. You must be in your prime - or else just benefiting from a life of clean healthy living...

    1. I don't know if I'm in my prime-- probably well past that. LOL. And my living has been more clean in the past decade or so than I'd like.

      You'll notice most of my posts are much shorter than yours. The main time I do a long post is when I'm refuting some statist nonsense point-by-point. Otherwise I try to keep them short. Your posts have more meat. If we were to compare number of words, I might not be far ahead of you.

  2. Your blog has definitely made a positive impact in my life! Reading your blog helped me transition from statist to voluntaryist :-)

    1. That is great!

      But it also makes me curious... how would a statist ever discover my blog in the first place?

    2. While I don't recall the exact circumstances that led to me finding your blog, I think it was probably a google search or a link from another site.

      I grew up in a moderately statist household (We'd say the pledge, obey the law, call the criminals every once in a while, and (of course) go vote). When I got old enough to vote, I took my civic duty very seriously and decided I wanted to pick the best candidate (regardless of party). In doing my research, I checked out the third party positions as well, and discovered I really preferred libertarianism. I found your blog while I was still a statist libertarian. I guess it was probably the "Hooligan Libertarian" title that probably drew me in! After reading your blog and watching / reading a bunch of material from Larken Rose and Stephan Molyneux (from before he went insane), I discovered that voluntaryism was a much better "system", and I've been here ever since!