Friday, March 27, 2020

As government becomes more and more evil...

All political government is unethical. All of it, without a single exception. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

Democracy is particularly disgusting because it fools otherwise sensible, ethical people into believing government can be good and that there's a "right way" to govern other people. It fools them into believing the lie "the government is the people".

Representative [sic] republicanism is no better, since it always goes through a stage of democracy as it rots from the inside out.

Once you accept the lies that government can be good or can be done right or that "the government is you and me", you've crossed the line to statism. Welcome to government-supremacism.

If you've been supporting government in the decades leading up to the current situation, the evil now being committed by government is partly your fault. If this has snapped you out of it, then that's wonderful! Welcome to the good side. Now be ready to fight for your liberty, since it looks as though the fight may be forced on us. Soon.


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  1. The smiley mask is nearly off the tyrants and there is far less need for them to even use some of the nice sounding but contradictory euphemisms they've used in the past to herd people.

    Already they are openly herding with the stick. The point of the stick is being sharpened. The table is set. Almost dinner time.

    1. I wonder if they are moving too fast for their own safety. Or if "the public" will be too slow and stupid to resist.