Sunday, March 08, 2020

Early-Worm appeasement time

Don't forget, children, to mis-set your clocks because Big Daddy Government tells you to.

As if pretending one day per year is only 23 hours long so that time "changes" thereafter is anything but delusional.

Why can't the Early-Worms who want to go to work an hour earlier and get home an hour earlier just, you know, GO TO WORK AN HOUR EARLIER AND COME HOME AN HOUR EARLIER without coercing everyone else to mis-set their clocks so they can pretend this isn't what they are doing?

I resent having to mis-set my clocks to appease those who aren't responsible enough to just change their business hours if they want to open earlier during Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

In the past I have tried not mis-setting my clocks, but it doesn't work well because almost everyone else mis-sets theirs when told to do so. And it's already confusing enough here, straddling the time zone line like I do.

No, picking Daylight "Saving" [sic] Time to stay on year-round isn't just as good as getting rid of it entirely. It just goes back around to that same point-- if you want to get up an hour earlier and get home an hour earlier so there's more daylight left after work, just do it. Don't expect the whole planet to accommodate your desire to set your clocks wrong.

Maybe morning people aren't affected this badly, but I am. Even when I manage to go to sleep an hour earlier, I still need to sleep until my body knows it's really time to wake up, regardless of what the lying clock says. That doesn't change just because I went to bed earlier and slept the regular number of hours. That never worked for me. I'm going to be grouchy and feel bad for a couple of weeks (at least) over this silly, outdated authoritarian ritual. It's long past time for it to die.


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  1. I was really wishing you would tell us what you think of daylight saving time...

  2. I'm an "early worm" but also hate Daylight Saving time. I have many clocks, not to mention cameras and other devices that don't reset their internal clocks automatically, and it's a major pain to have to fiddle with them twice a year.

    It's also responsible for needless deaths: . But as is typical for the government, they don't even make a pretense of asking if it's appropriate for them to mess with our clocks; they take it for granted that such powers rightfully belong to them.

    1. Yeah, I hate re-setting the clocks. But in my case I also get annoyed by those that automatically switch when I'd rather not. It's just a bad thing all-around.

  3. I expect most employers want eight hours work for eight hours pay and really don’t care when they get it, especially for those with 24 hour operations that employ three shifts. There are undoubtedly exceptions but it would make far more sense to have these negotiated individually between workers and employers than the ‘one size fits (sic) all’ mandated imposition of DST. As a retiree I ceased this nonsense of twice annual clock readjustments (at last count there were about thirty in my house) when I no longer needed to conform to a socially dictated schedule and keep to EST year round. It is a simple matter to make a doctor’s appointment or any other engagement for 11:00 am if I want to arrive at 10:00 am during the period of this social insanity. I have lived long enough however to no longer expect the rationality of individual choice to supplant the madness of collective uniformity. The herd is stupid and none more so than its ‘leaders’. Living among them is the source of my grouchyness!

    1. I already have to translate between disagreeing clocks because of the time zone line 6 blocks from my house. Everyone already has to specify which time zone they mean anytime they mention a time-- unless they don't want people to show up at the right time. Adding in twice-yearly clock mis-adjustments just complicates things even more.

    2. Part of my grouchiness comes from that cold I thought had I fought off last weekend coming back with a vengeance yesterday. I'm heavily medicated and miserable.