Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"Good" way to do wrong?

There is no "right" or "good" system of political government.

If there were it would mean there is a "right" or "good" way to rob, kidnap, murder, or otherwise molest people... and there's not. It's just not within the range of possibilities.

Trying to govern other people is always wrong. It is exactly as wrong as refusing to govern yourself.


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  1. This rampant hubris; what I call ‘social power’, the supreme arrogance that one can run and direct a life other than your own is indeed ‘wrong’ if not in fact, the root of all evil. It has been my observation as well that the individuals who seek to exercise it are the very same ones who routinely fail to exhibit the successful direction of their own lives through ethical or just “right behavior”. No doubt this is partially attributed to the neglect of their own affairs by their meddling in that of others, but the real cause is probably that they won’t or can’t behave properly…..period. Those who want to rule others are just defective human beings