Sunday, March 15, 2020

Pets and other critters

I've always been an "animal person" but I've never been a "dog person". I was never a "cat person" either... not until having lived with two cat-crazy daughters over a period of almost 30 years. They converted me. No one has been able to convert me to dogs-- and many have tried.

I've even raised several orphaned puppies-- one from an hour or so after birth-- until they were weaned and I could find homes for them. They were attached to me, but it was never as mutual as it should have been. Most of them were already spoken for when I took them in, so it wasn't an issue.

I was always more a fan of the wild animals-- in the wild and as pets. Cats and dogs got in the way of that, usually seeing my wild friends as snacks.

Another part of my problem is that dogs have always seemed too needy. I prefer the independence of cats-- who are usually as independent as the wild pets I've had. Although I've had some rather needy wild pets, too. I also have a couple of pretty needy cats now.

I haven't had many wild pets in the past 20 years. My situation was often in flux, and then I started getting cats for my daughters and avoiding things that could have a problem around the cats.

But, no matter what kind of animals I like, or don't, I hate that anyone imagines they have the right to use government to prevent people from having the animals they want. And the list of "prohibited" animals has grown to include almost everything I've had over the years. I've even had animals become prohibited days before I planned to buy one.

Yes, if you have a pet that causes harm to someone or their property, you are liable. You owe restitution-- and if someone shoots your pet in defense, too bad. Whether the "law" agrees or not.

I've had a lot of problems with people's dogs over the years, but not with any of the breeds government-supremacists like to ban. It's always been stuff like Labradors, German Shepherds, mutts, and breeds like that. I take that back-- I once had a problem with a pitbull who decided to try to kill some of my pheasants and chickens. But not once did the thought "Someone should ban those" cross my mind. It's just not part of my nature, no matter what my personal opinion might be. I want people to be able to have those things, and participate in those activities, that make them happy. Even if I don't get it. Don't you wish everyone could do that?


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