Sunday, April 19, 2020

Patriots' Day- 4/19/2020

I've previously mentioned my skepticism about patriotism. Looking into the origins and uses of the word, I'm not the only one who has my doubts about its goodness.

However, there is a generally-ignored holiday called Patriots' Day which I've mentioned in the past, and it happens to be today-- "4-19" every year. As far as semi-political holidays go, it's not so awful. has a little write-up about it you might enjoy. It's history, so you probably ought to familiarize yourself just a little so you don't accidentally end up celebrating the wholly statist, government-worshiping "Patriots' Day" (Blowback Day/Consequences Day) on September 11th of every year.


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  1. As well as a shot being heard around the world in 1775, April 19th has seen:

    Waco massacre 1993
    OK City Bombing 1995
    Boston lockdown 2013

    And here we are, with a less stringent but far more widepread lockdown in 2020. You'd think there might have been a little hindsight to enable folk to avoid it.