Thursday, May 28, 2020

Opening the churches

A church my grandfather built

In all the debate over whether the churches should be allowed to open during the coronapocalypse, the thing that keeps being ignored is that government has no right or "authority" to force them to close nor to demand they stay closed. Nor even to dictate how they are allowed to conduct their services.

Even if you irrationally believe the U.S. feral government is legitimate, the First Amendment doesn't allow it to have that power. In fact, it forbids it from more than one direction: freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, and probably freedom of speech. 

That it is mostly state governors giving the orders changes nothing. The 14th Amendment binds the state governments to obey the Bill of Rights.

I've heard some government-supremacists argue that no one is violating anyone's freedom of religion since they can still believe what they believe, they just can't gather in a church building.

That would be wrong.

Many people believe they are directed to gather, in person, with other believers. To forbid this is to violate their freedom of religion. It violates their freedom to assemble.

Statism is a religion. Government is its god. Government is a jealous god and doesn't like competition.


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  1. Most clergy experienced government school obedience training just like millions of Americans have. For the most part, it's worked since Church lockdown resistance has been lackluster and sporadic. I suspect many religious types, are only religious as some sort of "insurance policy" as some kind of possible ticket to heaven, just in case there is a heaven etc.

    The power of the near perpetual government obedience training has overpowered the less frequent religious indoctrination. Goes to show that repetition matters when implementing control techniques. Four legs good, two legs better!

    1. There's also that "Romans 13" brainwashing in effect for many believers.

  2. I have been listening to Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship, which has certainly remembered its Constitutional right to exist during the super 'rona freakout. Pastor Baldwin said a couple of weeks ago that churches still closed should remain closed, that they've deemed themselves non-essential. Many churches, unfortunately, closed BEFORE the order was given from their guvernators. It is sad to see so many false churches that, yes, misinterpret Romans 13, and also bow to fear and government instead of God. I mean, if you are a believer, shouldn't God come before government?!?

    The county where I'm from in North Carolina ordered (via county commissioner vote) churches to close before there was even one death from the "virus" du jour. When I looked in the local newspaper online, it was all "virus" all the time. A teenage boy was killed in January, however, on a stretch of interstate that has had some kind of government work going on for a few months. Nobody seems to really know what the state government is doing there, but his death was supposedly the SEVENTH due to the highway construction. The locals know it from keeping count themselves. Wouldn't that high rate of death warrant an investigation from a journalist? Why no, not at all. The accident was reported in the mockingbird press as if it had nothing whatsoever to do with construction (because, you know, tractor trailers are always stopped on the interstate--he hit a tractor trailer because it was STOPPED on an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY). There were no protests and nobody shut down a church. As far as I know, no newspaper article even mentioned it, or questioned what the hell the government workers have been doing along that stretch of highway, slowing down and stopping traffic. The locals know, but the media and government don't seem to care. However, the "virus," which may or may not be real, shut down churches with ZERO deaths, just the FEAR that was generated by the media echo chamber. Government "commissioners" cowered like the scaredy cats they are (no offense to cats with this simile). The power of government, and of people to believe in it, is much stronger than any religion on earth.