Monday, June 22, 2020

"A few bad apples"

Do we debate terrorist corruption?

Do we argue that not all rapists are bad people; it's only "a few bad apples" making the rest look bad?

No. Not if we are sane.

Because you can't have something evil and pretend those who participate willingly aren't committing evil just by showing up.

Abolish the police!


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  1. The conversations are predictable and often go like this...

    A person who derives a paycheck from extortion is not the best person to protect you from extortion. When I point that out to some people, it's almost like there's a physical reaction to the cognitive dissonance bell ringing in their head.

    Then, I become the target of their fear and the "but Uncle Charlie was a cop and he's a good guy" stories commence. Thankfully, I have the Robert Higgs no good cops quote ready and loaded. After that, their argument shifts to a variation of I'm a utopian unrealistic selfish libertarian. If I'm so selfish though, why do I want other people to be able to make their own choices? Their response ? Silence or more insults. Sigh.

    1. When they want to justify something, there's no amount of mental gymnastics they won't go through. And calling self-responsibility "Utopian" is always one of their desperate ploys.

      I had a similar conversation with a square circle (a "big government libertarian") on Twitter recently. He wanted to justify government so badly. It should have been embarrassing to him.