Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Candace Owens, I thought you were better than that


To observe that a murder happened and to point out that it was a bad thing doesn't mean someone imagines the victim was a hero. I never thought that.

It just means that at that moment he was doing nothing which required killing him to defend life, liberty, or property.

Why would a murder victim need to be a hero before I oppose the murder? It would be a strange thing to need to check to make sure every murder victim is a hero before objecting to his or her murder.

That he had "drugs" in his system is irrelevant unless you believe it's OK to murder a woman who's had some wine and then fights back against a kidnapper. I take that back-- it's irrelevant and wrong even if that's what you believe. The stupid and evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs is prohibition propped up by counterfeit "laws". To excuse murder based on that Big Government program is wrong.

Yes, it is known that Floyd did some actual crime, too. Real archation. His victim would have been right to have killed him in that encounter. I would have cheered his death in that case-- it would have been self-defense and not murder. But not in this case, and not over what he was murdered for doing.

Your fawning support of government-supremacism and its jackboots seems like it would embarrass you. It would certainly embarrass me.

I really imagined you were better than that and I'm disappointed to discover I was wrong.


OK, I admit I've never followed her or even read anything but selected quotes of hers, but most of those seemed a little smarter than what I saw when she tried to make sure to tell people who protest the murder that Floyd had a criminal past. So does the murderous cop-- why not go into detail about that? Why not recognize that policing attracts thugs and turns otherwise decent people into thugs or at least into people who will stand by and allow thugs to violate life, liberty, and property-- all in exchange for a paycheck financed by theft. Government-supremacism makes people stupid... or hypocritical or both.

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  1. Saying someone didn't deserve to die in that situation is definitely not the same as calling them a hero! However that kind of green/purple thinking is increasingly common. The inability to see a middle ground is a huge sign of mental illness and that particular illness is rampant. I'm sure you'll spot plenty of times when a person makes a moderate statement, and another person turns it into an extreme statement in order to argue against it. Shameful - and RUDE! Keep on doing what you're doing, Kent, I truly appreciate your work.