Thursday, June 04, 2020

This anarchist condemns rioting and looting

I am an anarchist.

I do not believe in the legitimacy of any rulers, politicians, political governments, or other non-consensual institutions. No exceptions. That's what "anarchist" means.

I condemn archation (the initiation of force and property violations) no matter who commits it.

Cops are the bad guys.
Antifa are the bad guys.
Looters, arsonists, vandals, attackers of any sort are the bad guys.
As are all who use the political means.

Defenders are on the correct side, but not everything claimed to be defense is. It's not "defense" if you use force (or politics) against someone who isn't currently violating your life, liberty, or property, nor credibly threatening to do so.

Those who protect the innocent and private property are doing the right thing, whether their actions are "legal" or not. Yes, that means it is right to shoot looters and vandals or anyone who is violating others.

Doing the right thing, without violating anyone, with or without "official permission", regardless of what legislation permits, is anarchy. Do anarchy right.

Don't claim to be an anarchist if you don't want to be burdened with the responsibility inherent in the philosophy, and especially not if you're a socialistic thug (or thug of any other variety) who violates the inflexible principles for sport. Or for your twisted notions of "justice". You can't get justice by being a non-anarchist.

Writing to promote liberty is my job.
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  1. Thanks for making this explicit. It annoys me to see the personally responsible and individually free person who believes in self-direction rather than submission to those who regard it as their job to lead you around like a bull with a ring through its nose, be slandered as perpetrators of ‘chaos’. Anarchy is NOT chaos and vandals and looters are NOT ‘demonstrators’ but criminals. Those who destroy property and steal are nihilist deniers of the very concept of order who refuse to rule themselves and hide behind a claim to be refusing the control of others as an excuse for their own ethical deficiency. The cause of good cannot be advanced by doing bad.

    1. I'm tired of hearing the Antifa and looters called "anarchists" by the ignorami. They aren't anarchists; they have no problem with rulers, they just want their own goons doing the ruling. That's not anarchism by definition. Of course, then there's all the archation they are engaging in. Acting in a government-like manner shows you aren't an anarchist.