Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Witch hunts are not for me

You probably won't like what I'm going to say. If I were famous this would likely get me canceled. But I have nothing to lose, so...

I think the whole Epstein thing is just the newest witch hunt. I'm just not interested in it.

I've been around long enough to have seen this bad movie rebooted so many times I've lost count. "Satanic panic", McMartin Preschool, "recovered memories", backward masking... I could go on and on. It seems most people crave a witch hunt and people are always looking for a new one.

Do I think some of the famous people dragged into this are guilty scumbags? Of course-- Bill Clinton is on "the list". Is he a pedophile? Probably not. He seems interested only in females who are sexually developed. But he's a scumbag for sure; he was president! Oh, and there have been credible allegations about his sexual crimes for decades. Probably a lot of them are true-- the people I knew who also knew him personally (back before he was even running for president) told me lots of things about him way back then.

But, there is no way that I believe everyone on "the list" is like Bill Clinton. Some are probably even fairly decent people who just hung out with the wrong person once or twice. How motivated would Epstein have been to have someone be seen (and photographed) "with" him so that he would then have blackmail material on them? You tell me.

I will not celebrate this witch hunt. I will not participate or promote it. I will ignore it as much as possible. I will not be joining in the blood dance. I hate it.

I know this puts me at odds with a lot of libertarians, but I don't care. I'm not a fan of the hatefest and don't intend to act just like the statist punishment-junkies. Leave me out of it.

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Monday, August 03, 2020

Real femininity is not weak

I recently told you what I believe embodies real masculinity. What about femininity?

Just as masculinity isn't aggressive or toxic, femininity isn't weak.

It's not feminine to allow yourself to be victimized and used against your will.
It's not feminine to support archation; to use the violence of government against people who are doing things you don't like or who aren't doing things you believe they should. Being a "karen" isn't womanly, it's being a jerk.
It's not feminine to stay with an abusive partner just because he says he loves you and you have kids together.
It's not feminine to be intentionally unpleasant to prove that you can't be pushed around.

It's feminine to be competent, compassionate, and responsible. You can be feminine by defending yourself and others from aggression. You can even be feminine if you ask for voluntary help from someone who will not archate while helping you if you want to-- but it's not necessary.

Masculinity and femininity are just aspects of "doing it right". You can also do it right without invoking either masculinity or femininity.

Every human has the same responsibility-- to not archate. How you choose to carry that out might vary from person to person, according to your temperament. You are your best self when you live up to that responsibility-- man, woman, or child.


Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

People responsible for own actions

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 1, 2020)

You bear no guilt for things you had no part in. Don't accept guilt you didn't earn.

I'm not going to blame you for things you have no control over, nor will I accept blame for the same sort of things. We have no control over who our ancestors were, what happened before we were born, the color of our skin, or what other people who have no real connection to us choose to do.

You aren't guilty because people in history did bad things. You aren't guilty when someone who shares your "race" did something bad. You aren't to blame if someone you don't associate with does something wrong. Those are not your fault. Don't accept blame on their behalf. It's not healthy. You are only guilty for any wrong you have personally done.

It's completely different if you choose to join a group known for violating life, liberty, and property. By choosing to join-- and remaining a member-- you are endorsing what they do, and in that case, you have personally committed a wrong.

You won't change the gang from the inside, even if that's your noble plan. You will be changed. From the moment you join you share in the guilt of every act any members commit in the name of the group you choose to be a part of. If you join or passively support those who actively violate the life, liberty, and property of others you share their guilt. Choose wisely.

You can absolve yourself by quitting and denouncing the group and its activities. I suggest doing so immediately.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Your first responsibility is to not violate anyone else. You can't be responsible for what people you don't control and have no real influence over do. Does anyone imagine you control anyone besides yourself?

Unless you openly side with people who are doing bad things I'm going to assume you're not on their team. I'd rather think the best of you. This means I may say something in your presence against the people doing bad stuff. Take this as the compliment it is.

I don't support holding history against people who weren't alive then, or who were too young to change anything. I'm for forgiving past offenses and I am not a fan of punishment. I'd much rather see you doing the right thing than to look for ways to blame and punish you for doing wrong.

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Whose shame?

Why is slavery now being called "America's national shame" by some people, as if no other country participated in slavery? As if "America" did it worse?

Can a land feel shame?

I wasn't alive during the slavery they are talking about. I consider slavery an evil thing. Always.

This is why I am an abolitionist who opposes all slavery. I am even fighting against the slavery most of them want more of-- government-supremacism. I have less to feel ashamed of than almost any of those who talk about the shame I "should" feel.

Someday being a government-supremacist or even a "minimal" statist (minarchist) will look as bad in hindsight as being an enthusiastic slaver. I'm glad I'm not on that side! Even if remaining consistent in the face of haters and deniers gets a little uncomfortable sometimes.


Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Who should have political power?

I don't want Muslims to have political power.
I don't want black people to have political power.
I don't want women to have political power.
I don't want young people to have political power.
I don't want LGBTQXYZ3.14159... people to have political power.
I don't want Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, socialists, or Constitutionalists to have political power.
None at all.

That's because I'm being consistent.

I don't want anyone-- no groups or individuals-- to have political power. That includes straight white men of any (or no) religion and of any age.

Political power is an evil thing to hold. Why would I wish that kind of evil on anyone?

You have the responsibility to not archate. That's plenty for anyone to handle.


Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.