Monday, August 17, 2020

It's only political if you make it political

To those who claim that "everything is political", I would say they are partly right. Everything can be political but only if you make it political. You can make anything political by getting government involved. But that's an awful thing to do to your fellow humans. Politicizing anything is also one of the fastest ways to lose credibility.

Pick anything you can think of. Then think of ways the government-supremacists have politicized it. I'll bet there's almost nothing you can think of that either hasn't been politicized or that someone hasn't attempted to politicize-- and attempting to politicize something could be argued to have politicized it even if the attempt didn't do what they hoped.

The only political problems are problems you create when you make something political.

Even water has been politicized in many places. When you can be molested by The State for catching rainwater as it runs off your roof, you are the victim of water being politicized. There are better ways to deal with water shortages-- even if you have to work to find them.

In the same way, "race" and sex have been politicized.
Science-- including medicine-- is ruined when politicized.
Education has been politicized so badly that most people can't understand the difference between education and schooling anymore.

When you politicize anything you pollute it-- you foul it up.

It doesn't need to be that way because nothing needs to be politicized. It's a nasty shame that this has been allowed to happen.


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