Friday, August 07, 2020

Urban Carry G3 Colonel holster review

You might remember my recent frustration over my holster situation. I wanted to try an Urban Carry holster.

Well, I got my chance! Bruce over at "Guns, Fun, Food and More" has my review.

Thanks, Bruce!


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  1. "I’m not sure I can lower my pants that much without looking or feeling like a gangsta boy."

    Keep the belt where it belongs, Kent. Nothing says "slovenly" more than pants that slip down to buttock level.

    Even though you liked the "Urban Carry", possibly it was named with a marketing purpose in view.

    1. Suspenders keep my pants up. My belt holds all my gear and doesn't even go through belt loops, so it's not really where it belongs anyway. But, yeah, I can't wear my pants any lower.