Sunday, August 02, 2020

Whose shame?

Why is slavery now being called "America's national shame" by some people, as if no other country participated in slavery? As if "America" did it worse?

Can a land feel shame?

I wasn't alive during the slavery they are talking about. I consider slavery an evil thing. Always.

This is why I am an abolitionist who opposes all slavery. I am even fighting against the slavery most of them want more of-- government-supremacism. I have less to feel ashamed of than almost any of those who talk about the shame I "should" feel.

Someday being a government-supremacist or even a "minimal" statist (minarchist) will look as bad in hindsight as being an enthusiastic slaver. I'm glad I'm not on that side! Even if remaining consistent in the face of haters and deniers gets a little uncomfortable sometimes.


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