Thursday, August 06, 2020

Willful ignorance and statists

Is it just me, or do statists seem willfully ignorant to you, too?

They try too hard to complicate matters and miss the point. I say I'm against political government so they lecture me for rejecting cooperation and on the wisdom of forming a group.

Or, they say if you're an anarchist, you'll soon starve to death if government goes away because without "law and order" there will be no food.

Or, if you talk about abolishing government schools, they'll insist that you want to cause a new Dark Age of ignorant peasants who can't read.

When you say "abolish the police" they imagine you just want to rape and murder without consequences. And that you must hate civilization, women, the handicapped, and old people.

They don't think beyond their rehearsed soundbites. If you try to show them the truth, they shut you down or ignore you.

It's pretty obvious they aren't even trying. I wonder if they ever were.


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  1. And heaven help you if you dare to cite facts that run directly counter to their claims - being logical apparently proves that you are a white male supremacist promoting the patriarchy.

    No, Kent, sadly it isn't just you. Most Statists seem to have gone completely over the deep end.

    1. Facts cause them to move the goalposts. Almost without exception.
      I'm glad others see it, too.

  2. The thing is Kent for whatever reason they want to believe in the religion of stationsm. It's like believing in god or Allah people know it's not true deep down inside. Though for whatever reason they want to believe it's true. That's why people get angry or ignore the facts when you state them.

    1. They get angry and act as though anyone not hallucinating with them is the crazy one.

  3. "If we can get enough people to vote this way, it will become true" - Them