Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Great (business) Extinction

The government's "pandemic" shut-downs are causing a Great Extinction-- for businesses.

It's like an asteroid strike, a supervolcano caldera explosion, or a new ice age. But political rather than physical.

Many businesses won't survive-- it will probably end up killing off more than even I suspect. The survivors will have to evolve to the new ecosystem.

It's not the pandemic that did this-- it is the misguided overreactions of political bullies, and the people who complied with their unreasonable demands. I don't blame those who complied-- it is always a hard choice. Comply and make the overall situation worse, or refuse to comply and make your individual situation worse.

Whatever caused the problem, it is done now. What will remain?

There will be lots of opportunities for those who survive and can adapt. After big extinction events, there are lots of niches to be filled. I hope all of us can take advantage of them.

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  1. Yes. It infuriates me whenever I read "This and that terrible problem have been caused by COVID." Uhhh, no. Total deaths from all causes are not up in 2020 from years past. COVID almost exclusively kills people who are about to die anyway. "This and that terrible problem" have been caused by GOVERNMENT THUGS who are giddy on their new-found infinite power trips.

    Here's a weird thought: when the virus dies, officials will have lost their prime excuse for running our lives. The longer they can drag things out, the longer their excuse remains. So, delaying herd immunity, which looks idiotic to any normal person, actually makes sense for officials. More suffering? A small price (for others) to pay.

    1. If they drag it out long enough, maybe more people will form a habit of compliance. Scary thought!