Sunday, December 06, 2020

Christmas parade in the year of Corona

The local Christmas parade of lights was Saturday evening. It was a reverse parade. The floats, decorated vehicles, and giant farm equipment covered in lights parked in the middle of Main Street, and the onlookers drove past and... on-looked.

The Corona-worthy theme was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (although it seems only two or three participants got the memo. 

There were not many participants this year. I appreciate those who made the effort, though. It's not easy trying to do normal things while psychopathic politicians and their hired guns try to get in the way.

If everyone were as sick of the nonsense as I am, society would be back to "normal" already. I'm not scared of a new variety of cold. No politician is going to be able to make me scared of it. All they do is reinforce and multiply my disgust at their existence.

But, more and more places (on the Texas side) are ignoring the mask mandates. So, maybe some are able to think independently. Six or more months ago I was already seeing opposition to the mandates and some small acts of civil disobedience. Maybe the winds of change are getting stronger now. I'm ready for it to become a hurricane. If that makes me "inconsiderate" so be it.

Thank you for helping support

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